Abrenian civil servants reminded to serve with integrity

BANGUED, Abra, Sept. 27(PIA)– The Civil Service Month commemoration is not only a celebration for the Civil Service Commission(CSC) itself, but a celebration of all the workers of the government and the commitment they have to serve the administration through all its thrusts and projects.

With this, Abrenian government workers are reminded to serve with integrity.

“We must continually render a service with integrity not just only during the Civil Service Month but all throughout the year”, CSC- Abra Director Perfecto Cardenas   told  civil servants during the celebration of  the 119th Philippine Civil Service (PCS) anniversary with the theme “Civil Service at 119: Upholding Integrity and Building a High-Trust Society.”

Cardenas stressed that quality service that we bring for the public continuously is a way to build back their trust and confidence for the government. 

The PCS Month celebration is supported by the Provincial Government of Abra (PGA) headed by Governor Maria Jocelyn Bernos by sponsoring a sports fest 2019 from September 23 to 26, participated by PGA employees and national line agencies.

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According to Bernos, the sport fest is a venue for government workers to build up camaraderie, create unity and establish and strengthen relationships among employees towards the attainment of a quality service for all Abrenians.

It is also backed by the Council of Personnel Officers (CPO) to be highlighted by a tree planting activity on September 30. (JDP/CAGT-PIA CAR, Abra)

Source: PIA Feed