Artist draws married life in adorable, romantic comics

“My inspiration for these comics is simply our daily lives. These are real cases that happen to us.”

Nowadays, it is normal for people to televise their relationship on social media since it is a wide platform of entertainment on people’s daily lives.

While some people post travel picture or selfies on the internet, others have taken it to a whole new level. Breaking the mainstream, an artist showed his married life via comics which were made by him.

Illustrator, graphic artist and cartoonist  Yehuda Adi Devir decided to create some comics inspired by his everyday life with his adorable and lovable wife, Maya. While others dedicate long and well-composed poems and letters for their love ones, Devir strayed from the norms and dedicated his very own comics to his wife.

It sure is lucky and romantic to have a husband who is a cartoonist who will create comics inspired by the love of their lives. Who wouldn’t want to be featured in crazy and cute comic strips?

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For Devir, it is more lucky to find a special someone who inspires him to bring out his creativeness; and it was Maya.

An article on HuffPost stated that they met while they were both in the army. Overtime, they became bestfriends and gradually, their friendship sprung anew into a romantic one. They are now anticipating their first wedding anniversary in two months!

Aww, isn’t that #relationshipgoals?

To see more of Devir’s work, visit his website or follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Take a look at these funny and relatable comics that will surely make you smile and your heart warm.

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