Central African Republic postpones national elections


The Central African Republic (CAR) has postponed for the second time the general elections scheduled on Sunday due to difficulties that the country’s National Election Authority (NEA) has experienced in sending ballot papers to voting areas outside the capital city of Bangui.

According to the NEA, it has proposed to delay the electoral process for three more days to deal with technical and organizational concerns.

For technical reasons the first round of the presidential and legislative elections scheduled for Sunday 27 December 2015 is delayed until Wednesday December 30 2015,” the NEA has relayed in a statement.

The election was originally set on October 18, but the ongoing violence in the CAR has prohibited the poll body to hold the voting process on the date it was initially planned.

The NEA has also announced that due to the postponement of the event, the campaign period of all political aspirants, including the 30 candidates vying for the presidency, was also extended until the midnight of December 28.

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This decision was taken after consultation with all those involved in the electoral process to allow the electoral commission to accomplish its work in a calm and transparent manner,” agency officials said.

People from the CAR had long been waiting for occurrence of an election in a bid to normalize the country’s economic situation, which was ranked second among the countries with the lowest gross domestic products (GDP) per capita this year.

The nation covers a land area of 620,000 square kilometers with an estimated population of around 4.7 million citizens as of 2014.