‘Clean Rider’ campaign launched in northern Mindanao

PNP chief Director General Oscar Albayalde leads the launching of “Clean Ride” campaign in cracking down tandem-riding criminals held at Camp Alagar, Cagayan de Oro City. About 500 motorcycle riders participated in the event. (Rodolfo D. Mendoza/PIA10)

CAMP ALAGAR, Cagayan de Oro City, Aug. 29 (PIA)–Philippine National Police (PNP) launched its “Clean Rider” campaign for a more vigorous, focused and effective initiative to eliminate crimes committed by Motorcycle Rider Syndicate (MRS) and ensure the safety and security of the citizens in northern Mindanao. 

About 500 motorcycle riders participated in the event with police chief Director General Oscar Albayalde who was the guest of honor and speaker during the 117thPolice Service Anniversary.

Participating riders were given free Clean Rider stickers which will serve as proof their motorcycles are now registered with the PNP.

Sticker for free

Director General Albayalde urged motorcycle owners to report to authorities erring police officers who would ask payment for the sticker as this is distributed free of charge. The sticker on the vehicle shows it has been cleared by the police.

The motorcycle owners just need to go to the police station that oversees their neighborhood, submit proof of ownership and get the sticker. 

Albayalde reiterated motorcycle owners are required to get a clean rider sticker from the police office as part of its crackdown on tandem-riding criminals.

“Stolen motorcycles are being used in committing crimes,” the police chief said.

According to Albayalde, incidence of tandem-riding suspects has been reduced since it was launched at the National Capital Region (NCR) in July 2018.

Before, he said, there were average of 30 to 50 per week and now an estimate of 20 to 25 per week.

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Fight vs drugs, corruption, criminalities

Speaking before personnel-in-uniform and stakeholders, the police chief said this is an opportune time for the nation to unite and muster all efforts particularly against criminalities, illegal drugs and corruption.

Hence, he calls on for people to stand solidly behind President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, in addressing these which are slowly destroying the nation.

Police chief Director General Oscar Albayalde put a clean ride sticker to a cleared motorcycle vehicle following compliance of requirements to avail of the sticker. (Rodolfo D. Mendoza/PIA10)

Anti-drug campaign has effectively contributed to the 32% downtrend of crime volume for the first semester of 2018 compared to same period last year as the police force has been relentless and ‘chilling’ on war in drugs, said Albayalde.

He continued saying crimes committed are drug-related.

Meanwhile, he said no quota is imposed to the police force.

Illegal drugs is a seen problem and law enforcement is always a part of their mandate.

He also directed the police force to scale new heights in their efforts especially in achieving a drug-free country and keeping the peace.

On PNP scalawags

“The PNP remains committed to weed out bad elements of the police force as erring police “scalawags” continue to divide the law,” Albayalde said.

He also asked everyone, “we must not lower our guards and we must lead discipline and make it a way of life.” 

The police chief mentioned that the bulk of scalawags are in NCR and Luzon, but there are also in Cebu.

However, he said “Meron tayong binabantayan sa Mindanao” citing the case of police officers in Zamboanga who were selling confiscated drugs and protecting pushers. He also reiterated nobody is excused in the internal cleansing program (ICP), going after PNP personnel who are a disgrace to their uniform.’ 

In his visit, Albayalde also witnessed the presentation of awards to police units and personnel in recognition of their distinct accomplishments in providing quality police service to the public.(EOR/PIA)

Source: PIA Feed