PH dancing inmates to perform for int’l delegates next month

The renowned dancing inmates of Cebu will be performing for the delegates of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) of the Roman Catholic Church next month.

According to IEC organizers, detainees from the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPRDC) will have “something good to offer” for both local and foreign visitors who will be attending the IEC on January.

On December 26, Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma visited the CPRDC to personally witness the preparations that the inmates are doing for the big event, which aims to gather around 15,000 Catholic delegates from all over the world.

“I told them (the inmates) that the delegates were so impressed because, as they were saying, this is a detention center but we can see faith, hope, and that’s why it’s so different from other detention centers,” Palma said; adding that the delegates were the ones who have expressed their intent to watch the nearly 3,000 inmates perform.

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The detainees’ three-minute dance number on Saturday was also recorded on video so that the delegates who will not be accommodated inside the CPRDC will still be able to see the prisoners perform the IEC’s theme song entitled, “Christ in us, our Hope of Glory.”

However, only 800 inmates were able to present during the weekend since the new set of uniforms made for the event came in late.

The choreographer, Vince Rosales, said that it took him four days to finish completing the steps for the presentation, which is a combination of the styles that he previously taught the inmates, and ideas from Church representatives.