DAR conducts consultative meeting with the MARPOs of Iloilo

ILOILO CITY, August 13 — Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Secretary John R. Castriciones yesterday conducted a consultation meeting with the Municipal Agrarian Reform Program Officers (MARPOs) of Iloilo relative to the plans and target of the province.

Castriciones said that MARPOs play a vital role in the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) implementation, specifically in the resolution of cases involving landowners and farmer-beneficiaires of CARP. 

He reminded them of their role to monitor if the awarded agricultural lands are still in the possession of the farmer beneficiaries and to report immediately if there are reversion of lands distributed to them by the government by reasons of unlawful sale, transfer, mortgage, purchase or conveyance of Certificates of Land Ownership Award {CLOAs} acquired by farmer-beneficiaries through CARP.

“All MARPOs should closely monitor all CLOA holders, even in far-flung barangays. You should visit them and if you duscover that they are not the one’s tilling their lands or they are no longer cultivating their lots, you should file cases to get back those lands, “ Castriciones said.

“Let us show them that we mean business and we are serious in helping our farmers and farm workers. We cannot allow the situation to continue where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. We will file cases of reversion of CLOAs back to DAR.”

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As the lands are reverted back to DAR and re-distributed to those who are sincere in tilling the lands, the buyers of the lands will eventually lose their interest and investments as they cannot have recourse to the courts of law since under the law, there is a 10-year prohibition for farmers to dispose of their awarded lands.

Specifically. under Republic Act No. 6657, or the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law, (CARL), lands acquired by farmer-beneficiaries through CARP, cannot be sold, transferred or conveyed except through hereditary succession, or to the government, or to LBP, or to other qualified beneficiaries for a period of ten {10} years. 

“You must be faithful in the performance of your job,”Castriciones ended even if he was assured that the Provincial Agrarian Reform Office of ILOILO has committed to the Secretary to distribute a target of 1000-ha for this year’s land distribution component of CARP. (DAR)

Source: PIA Feed