El Nido’s beaches in Palawan recognized as ‘best in the world’

Fascinating and beautiful beaches today are located in the town of El Nido, in northern Palawan. Its crystal clear waters and splendid islands are the ones that foreign or even local tourists are enjoying.

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(Photo by Leila B. Dagot/PIA-Palawan)

Bacuit Bay in El Nido, Palawan 

As a matter of fact, recently, some famous magazines featured the magnificent beaches of El Nido with the most unique beauty of its islands.
The Readers Digest includes El Nido, particularly the Ipil Beach on the list of the ‘Top 10 Most Gorgeous Beaches with the Clearest Water in the World’.
In addition to that, the town got recognition when the CNN Travel names El Nido as one of the ‘most beautiful places around the world’.
This is the only tourist destination in the country that was included on the list of “25 of the Most Beautiful Places Around the World” which initiated by the CNN Travel during this year’s Earth Day celebration.
The CNN Travel describes El Nido as the gateway to wild adventure of the country’s “last frontier”, the wonderful province of Palawan with powder-fine beaches and gin-clear waters. Off the coast of El Nido are majestic karst limestone formations, empty lagoons, marble cliffs, prehistoric caves and waterfalls. All are easily explored.

Not only that! In December 2018, Hidden Beach, one of El Nido’s attractions is named as the most beautiful beach in Asia by Flight Network, Canada’s biggest travel agency.

(PIA file photo)

El Nido’s Hidden Beach

Its karst cliffs jagged appearance and see-through waters, Hidden Beach (also locally known as Secret Beach) the best beach spot in the country making it to Flight Network’s “World’s Top 50 Beaches” in Asia list.

What El Nido is all about?
El Nido is about 240 kilometers north of Puerto Princesa, the capital city of Palawan province. In terms of marine sanctuary conservation, this town is considered the largest in the country because of its diverse ecosystem. 45 islands and islets surrounds’ in town with geological limestone karst formations, white sand beaches, caves, and waterfalls you have to enjoy and explore.
The name El Nido is derived from the edible bird’s nest made by swiftlets called “Balinsasayaw”, which used in making the delicacy “nido soup” which priced expensively.
Activities in paradise

(Photo by: Victoria A.S. Mendoza/PIA-MIMAROPA)

El Nido’s Big Lagoon


Aside from being paradise which resulted many recognitions, you can explore El Nido by the following things to do: kayaking at the most popular spot, Bacuit Bay, and hit the magical Big Lagoon, the secret Small Lagoon, and Miniloc Island on your adventure. You can also do snorkeling there.
Have you ever see a cathedral within a cave? You can find it there!
Get a Tour E-Inland Beaches and Waterfalls via tricycle to Nagkalit-kalit waterfalls and Nacpan Beach. But a reminder, bring shoes for hiking and swim gear for the beach.
How to get there?
Of course, from Manila, you have to fly to Puerto Princesa City or from Cebu City with one hour and 20 minutes flight time. From Puerto Princesa, get on an airconditioned bus to El Nido which the travel time is seven hours, and fare is around PhP500. You also have an option. At the airport, there are private shuttle vans that will take you to El Nido with 4-5 hours travel time, and PhP600 fare. You may also take a daytripper van with comfortable seating configurations and offer other amenities. Fare is around PhP950.
But if you want the fastest way to get to El Nido, you may opt to fly from Manila via Air Swift, the quickest but expensive, because you have to prepare about PhP6,750 per person for fare with 55 minutes flight time.
So, if you move in this area, what else will you look for? Indeed, El Nido is paradise not only for the local people but also for foreigners who want to mesmerize the wonderful God’s creation, which located here in the beautiful town in Palawan.

Source: PIA Feed