Essential oil company eyes partnership with Filipino farmers


Michael Carson, general manager of doTerra Philippines shows one of their popular essential oil product. The company is considering to source essential oils from the country. Among these are  lemon grass commonly called tanglad and calamansi. Carson was in Davao City on November 10 for the first doTerra assembly at the Arcadia Lifestyle Center.


DAVAO CITY Nov. 12 (PIA)- One of the largest multilevel marketing firms in the United States specializing in the production and distribution of essential oils is eyeing a partnership with Filipino farmers to supply some of its essential oil requirements.

doTerra Essential Oils general manager to the Philippines Michael Carson said the company is eyeing essential oils from the country.

“We have more than 100 essential oils we sourced them from 45 different countries, we don’t source essential oils from the Philippines, we are currently looking at several different products, we know there are essential oils here,” Carson said.

Currently the Philippines is the source of their fractionated coconut oil product.

 “We are talking to our supplier how to become a better partner with them,” Carson describes their partnership with their Filipino coconut supplier.

He says doTerra is practicing co-impact sourcing to help disenfranchised farmers,

“We are going to have the most benevolent supply chain in the world,” Carson said.

He says doTerra is going directly to the farmers and the growers without the need for middlemen. Carson says the partnership benefits the farmers and also the company.

“Only the largest essential oil company could even think of doing this. doTerra goes directly to the farmers and talk to them, offers them a few things; better pay, more money for their efforts, on time payments and also scientific expertise on how to prepare the soil, how to harvest the plant material and distill the oil,” Carson said.

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doTerra also provides low interest loans to farmers they also provide equipment.

“We don’t just source oil, we want to source the best oil and impact the lives of farmers,” Carson added.

One example is in Haiti where they source vetiver oil from vetiver grass abundant in the country. The company pays the farmers in advance so that they won’t prematurely harvest the grass which affects the quality of the oil. They also provided a water system so the villagers won’t hike hours to get their drinking water.

Carson hopes they could partner with Filipino farmers and practice their co-impact sourcing to their farmer- suppliers. Among the products they are looking are lemongrass (tanglad) and calamansi.

Essential oils are natural substances from plants which are obtained by distillation. They have therapeutic properties and are popular for aromatherapy. (PIA/RG Alama)  

Source: PIA Feed