Facebook eyes ‘tip jar’ for status updates – insiders

Facebook Logo

Tech insiders are saying that Facebook is currently looking for ways on how online users can gain financially from their status updates; including the option to integrate a web-based “tip jar.

According to reports, the company has commissioned a survey that gives a hint regarding several new features that Facebook plans to introduce in the near future.

However, Silicon Valley enthusiasts say the plan could only take effect on the verified pages of celebrities and companies; with the schedule of the features’ full-swing implementation are expected to be disclosed at a later time.

Earlier this year, technological websites reported about Facebook’s plan to add advertisements in Messenger. However, the company has not issued any confirmation on the matter.

The social networking site also launched a specialized application dubbed as Messenger Business that allows corporate users to stay in touch with their clients using the world’s largest social networking site.

“We created all these experiences with a mindset of helping hundreds of millions of people manage their daily interactions with people, businesses, and services more seamlessly than ever,” said David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president for messaging products.

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