Facebook faces raps over automatic photo-tagging feature

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Facebook, Inc. lost during the first round of trial over the case filed by Illinois residents against the company’s alleged “unlawful” collection of biometric data from its users through the system’s automatic photo-tagging feature.

According to the presiding judge, Facebook’s claim that the social networking site is not covered by Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) is invalid despite the fact that the social networking site reminded its users in its terms and services agreement that only California laws would govern all disputes related to the site.

Based on court findings, Illinois laws would also apply to Facebook since the complainants have a valid claim. However, both parties already agreed to transfer the case to California.

Meanwhile, technology analysts predicted earlier this month that Facebook could reach a record-high value of $1 trillion soon after the company recently posted a nearly 10 percent surge in stocks.

According to them, Facebook’s stocks have reached the total value of $350 billion on Thursday last week; making it one of the most valuable companies in the United States of America.

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Market researchers also noted that the company is projected to post an annual increase of 32 percent on the average; doubling and tripling the expected earnings of Alphabet-subsidiary Google, Inc. and multinational tech company Apple, Inc., respectively.

“It was another big beat driven by the soaring mobile ad business. User and engagement levels were at the highest levels ever,” said Brian Pitz of the global investment banking firm Jefferies.