GoPro captures video of earth from nearly 100,000 feet above ground

A group of students was shocked to find out that the GoPro camera they have launched to the stratosphere was able to capture an amazing video of the earth from nearly 100,000 feet above the ground.

The New York Times has reported that the unit, which was attached to a weather balloon, was found by a hiker at the Arizona desert two years after it fell from the sky.

“In a twist of ironic fate, a woman who works at AT&T was on a hike one day and spotted our phone in the barren desert. She [brought] it to an AT&T store, and they [identified] my friend’s SIM card. We got the footage and data a few weeks later,” Bryan Chan of Stanford posted on Reddit.

The group had been working on a dissertation about Ved Chirayath’s Fluid Lensing, wherein the members needed to capture a photograph of the sea from a bird’s eye view.

After careful planning and proper coordination with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), the team decided to launch the camera on June 8, 2013 at about 20 miles away from the Grand Canyon.

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However, the GPS signal of the Samsung phone attached to the unit had been lost when it fell back to earth after cruising at an altitude of over 98,000 feet. Since then, the team had declared that the camera already went missing.

Watch this video to see the camera’s actual recordings: