How to deal with ‘Ninongs’ and ‘Ninangs’ this Christmas?

An online page has shared on Facebook a photo of how young persons can effectively monitor their godparents, who are expected to distribute Christmas “aguinaldos” to their godchildren this season.

In a photo posted on the PUP Memes Facebook page, a small notebook that lists down names of different “ninongs” and “ninangs” together with what they have given their as gifts was shown.

At the bottom of notebook’s page, a section containing reminders based on what the godparents have told their godchildren such as “Babalik kay Ninong Richard 2:30 pm,” and “Ninong Reng 2x sa New Year na daw” were written.

Yung inaanak mong organized mamasko. Wala kang takas tsong,” the caption stated.

A Google photo search reveals that the image seems to have first appeared on Twitter on December 2013, where it has gained 77 retweets and 94 likes. shared the picture one day after it was posted on the micro-blogging site; gaining over 5,300 views and more than 920 likes.

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The top comment on Facebook came from a user named J. Sta. Ana, who said, “Yung feeling na di mo naranasan maging inaanak pero ninang ka ng pagkarami-rami.”

Another user named G. Paguyo wrote in defense of godparents, saying, “Yung tipong pera na lang ang habol ng mga inaanak sa mga ninong at ninong nila. Tsktsk!

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