How to pass the PMA entrance examination

Are you one of those young men and women who aspire to enter the country’s premier military training institution?

If so, you must first ace the school’s entrance examination before officially being a cadet of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA)

Why become a PMA cadet?

According to the PMA website, being a cadet of the institution allows a person to have the noble privilege of serving the country by studying in a military school boasting of its offering of “free college education with a well-rounded curriculum, monthly salary and allowances, and a guaranteed job after graduation.”

Aside from this, those who successfully graduate from the PMA are entitled to a progressive career as an officer in any of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ three major branches of service: the Philippine Army, the Philippine Navy, and the Philippine Air Force.

Getting started

So how do you start the application process?

Begin your PMA journey by filling up the application form provided by the Office of Cadet Admission (OCA) for processing as this will make you eligible to take the Philippine Military Academy Cadet Qualification Test (PMACQT).

Once you acquire your test permit, you must report at your designated testing center on the date indicated in the document for the actual conduct of the examination.

How to pass the test

The PMA suggests focusing on sharpening your mental ability skills, particularly in the areas of algebra and geometry for mathematics; grammar, composition, and reading comprehension for English; and verbal and numerical reasoning, and pattern analysis for the Special PMA (SPMA) Examination part.

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Moreover, the PMA website suggests the following tips in ensuring that all your answers will be recorded properly: (a) Do not fold, roll, disfigure, nor write on top of our answer sheet as this may cause problems with the reading machine; (b) Take note that Item Number 1 on the Answer Sheet corresponds to Question Number 1 on the Test Booklet, and so on; and (c) When shading your chosen answer, make sure that you do not extend your shading outside the circle and do not shade more than one circle.

Meanwhile, the following acts could cause your disqualification from taking or passing the test: cheating; talking to other applicants during the test; passing to or receiving anything from another applicant or unauthorized persons during the test; and using calculators, cellular phones, or any other electronic gadget.

Contact Information

For more information about the PMA Entrance Examination, you may contact the OCA at landline numbers  (074)446-8002 / 447-3690 / 447-3292 / 447-3686 local 6751 or 6752, or mobile numbers 09178964299 / 09285597651 / 09437056890.

You may also visit the PMA website at

Good luck, future cadet!