Hybrid vehicles showcase green technology benefits

TAGUIG CITY, June 1 (PIA) — Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) showcased its Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) in a conference and eyed for a wider adoption of the green technology.

In a gathering attended by over 400 government officials, environmental experts, lawmakers and media, Toyota promoted anew its hybrid vehicle range in the Philippines to increase awareness, interest and demand in the technology.

Vince Socco, executive vice president for Toyota Motor Asia Pacific, said that by adopting hybrid vehicles, countries like the Philippines can see benefits in the energy, transportation, environment and health segments of the economy.

“Hybrid vehicles aim to reduce carbon dioxide emission to zero by focusing on electrification and production of green technologies and processes for every single vehicle we build,” Socco said.

Toyota President Satoru Suzuki explained that hybrid vehicles can contribute to the environment and security goals of the country and HEV proliferation is possible with adequate stakeholder support and increased public awareness.

“Toyota takes sustainability seriously to protect host nation through sustainable business practices. Environment and energy security are compelling reasons to provide sustainable mobility,” Satoru explained.

He further said Toyota  adopts proactive approach for biodiversity management where the promotion of hybrid vehicle is one perspective.

In June 2009, TMP brought the second generation Prius to the Philippines which became the pioneer of hybrid electrification in the country.

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The Prius is known for harnessing power from two sources: a gas engine and an electric motor run by a self-charging battery.

This combination makes the model far better combining fuel economy and riding comfort.

Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba of the Department of Trade and Industry presented  the policy directions of the government for next generation vehicles where she cited the need for comprehensive and whole of government  approach  to implement vehicle  and fuel regulations.

“Transportation electrification is often viewed as a key measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. Vehicle emission is a leading factor contributing 69 percent  of air pollution in the country,” Aldaba said.

Aldaba presented a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan that showed 46 percent  of Filipinos are open to buying electric vehicles citing ”better safety standards, charging flexibility, and better range equal to a full tank” as motivating factors for an EV purchase.

In 2016, Toyota Motors, in partnership with the Department of Energy, donated hybrid electric vehicles to  government agencies  which were instrumental in the immediate rehabilitation of provinces battered by super typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

In Region 8 alone, 45 hybrid patrol cars were received by the Philippine National Police and  another eight for other frontline agencies. (LDL/VHS/PIA-8)

Source: PIA Feed