Japanese company invents device that reminds people when it’s time to defecate

(Photo Credit: askmen.com)

It’s toilet time, says your ‘smart pants’.

A Japanese company called Triple W Japan has invented a device that can be attached to one’s underwear and track bowel movements to tell a person when it’s already time to go to the restroom.

In an article written by Chris Matyszczyk for CNET on October 14, it has been noted that the device called Dfree can predict fecal excretion, and was primarily made for people, especially the elderly, who are suffering from fecal incontinence.

The new technology was unveiled last week at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies in Tokyo, and the manufacturer said that the device is something that can be useful for everyone.

“The device goes on your stomach and uses ultrasonic waves to monitor your internal organs and sends the data to smartphones to be displayed,”  said Ryohei Ochiai of Triple W Japan’s Solution Development.

Those who visited the exhibit said that the new technology is something that could really help people, especially that there are elderly men and women who are not yet ready to wear diapers but could no longer control their bowel movements.

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However, a number of observers have raised a concern related to skin chafing, which could potentially happen when the device is attached to the body. For this reason, the company said that they are still working on alternative methods that will help secure the device to a person’s underwear.

“We are looking at how to secure the device safely and solidly,” Ochiai said.

Dfree is not yet for sale, but the company expects to make it available at the market by next year.

The device shows many advantages and has a great potential in the market, but can it also be a gadget that takes away something humans can actually do by themselves? Share your thoughts in the comments below.