Americans want cheaper items than goods made in the USA

The Associated Press and the GfK marketing research firm have revealed that majority of Americans still prefer to buy more affordable items coming from other countries than to purchase more expensive goods that are made in the USA.

“Low prices are a positive (sic) for U.S. consumers — it stretches budgets and allows people to save for their retirements, if they’re wise, with dollars that would otherwise be spent on day-to-day living,” said a 57-year-old middle school secretary from Oklahoma.

Asked for an example, one businessman said that if a person chooses between a $50 pants made in another country and an $85 pants of the same fabric and design that is made in the U.S., one will most likely prefer the cheaper one.

Due to this economic turnoff, USA has experienced a number of employment layoffs to the point that several factories are shut down due to low demands of local products.

“We’re getting ripped off on trade by everyone. Jobs are going down the drain, folks,” said Republican presidential aspirant Donald Trump during a speech in Albany, New York; adding that he will bring back millions of jobs lost to foreign competitors if will be elected.

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