VIDEO: Is Metro Manila sinking?

Metro Manila Flood

Could Metro Manila be sinking, literally?

An internationally-funded research is stating that the Philippines’ problem on flooding will most likely worsen since sea levels continue to rise every year.

CNN Philippines has reported that the World Bank has already bared the results of its study regarding the country’s perennial flood problem; saying that the nation’s capital is now actually lying lower than Manila Bay’s waters.
And what’s worse? The research also reveals that sea levels would rise up to a minimum of 10 feet within the next 50 years.

“Manila Bay is now higher than Manila, which has areas that are already below sea level,” the report stated, adding that the metropolis becomes lower by 5 to 6 centimeters yearly.

Several scientists and engineering professionals have contributed suggestions such as building additional dams in order to solve the problem, but according to them, such plans will have no effect until it is lifted by authorities from the drawing board.

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According to Narod Eco, a research assistant at the National Institute of Geological Sciences of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, over-pumping of ground water could be one of the reasons why the metropolis is sinking.

He also added that the slower the water is replenished after pumping it out from the ground, the more subsidence is caused on the soil.

However, for Dr. Alfredo Mahar Lagmay, executive director of the Department of Science and Technology’s Project NOAH, the problem on flooding is already on its terminal stage, and there is nothing that people can do in order to change it. He even blamed government officials for the current situation; saying that poor and rapid urban planning is really not helping.

“Coastal areas and even small tributaries are reclaimed. All these contributed to the generation of massive floods, a natural disaster compounded by human activities,” Lagmay lamented.

Watch this video report from CNN Philippines: