‘Mounted flat-screen TVs still dangerous to kids’ – Research

Flat-screen TVs

An international study has revealed that around 42,000 children have sought immediate hospital attention for injuries coming from falling flat-screen TVs over a 10-year period in the United States of America alone.

In a Reuters report, it has been disclosed that 29 separate researches conducted in seven different countries have all concluded that toppling television units can either cause serious injuries or even death to children, especially toddlers, who are still in a playful age.

Dr. Michael Cusimano, lead author of the study on TV-related injuries, has noted that present-day flat-screen televisions are even more dangerous than old-style units because of their larger sizes and lighter weights. He also added that “child-proofing” such pieces of furniture could greatly help parents in ensuring a safer environment for their children.

The vast majority (of these accidents) are preventable with very simple measures to avoid these events, which are always tragic,” Cusimano said; adding that 75 percent of such cases are experienced when there are no adults looking after the victims.

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The research, which was published on the Journal of Neurosurgery for Pediatrics, stated that the placement of television units on unstable locations such as dressers and other high furniture are to be considered as potential sources of danger. It has also mentioned that flat-screen TV sets mounted on walls are also dangerous if it has been fixed in a manner that is not properly secured.

So that causes these fractures and often injures the nerves at the base of the skull that control the face and the eyes and the hearing. Many recover, but some of them are left with a permanent deficit,” said Pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. James Drake.

Watch this YouTube video from Fox News to learn more about how furniture can be child-proofed: