NFA launches Kontra Abuso hotline

QUEZON CITY, July 13 — The National Food Authority (NFA) is launching a “Kontra Abuso” hotline to provide the public a facility to air complaints, report violations and to engage their participation in monitoring the presence of NFA rice in the market. 

Beginning today, July 12, the public may text or call NFA Kontra Abuso Hotline Number 0927-871-5921 for their concerns. 

The hotline shall be managed by NFA’s Task Force Kontra Abuso manned by personnel of the Security Services and Investigation Department (SSID) on a 24/7 basis to attend to complaints, requests for assistance, or tip-off information from the public regarding illegal grains trading activities via call or text messages. It will also serve as a venue for grains businessmen and the public to report highway violations during transport of grains commodities and alleged inspection of grains business establishments. 

NFA Administrator Jason Aquino initiated the program to protect the good quality low-priced NFA rice against nefarious activities such as diversion, adulteration and overpricing. “We want to make NFA rice available and accessible especially to the marginalized sector. This is our way of seeking the assistance of the public to report to us immediately any rice trading violations they may witness,” Aquino said. 

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Upon receipt of urgent complaints, the SSID shall record the details in a prescribed form and refer it to the concerned office for immediate action, within a 72-hour timeframe. Strict monitoring of the action taken will be in place.

Meanwhile, the public may continue to send their complaints or requests via Text NFA Number 0906-4363133. Aside from these numbers, the public may also call Hotline 8888 where all concerns pertaining to NFA are forwarded and attended to within 72-hours. 

“Public participation is important. They will serve as our eyes and ears on the ground. They should be vigilant at all times and help us in monitoring the presence of rice in the market,” Aquino said.

The food agency regularly deploys personnel to the markets to monitor the presence of NFA rice. Retailers found violating rules and regulations in rice retailing are meted with corresponding penalties. (NFA)

Source: PIA Feed