Trump: No more US-NoKor peace summit

US-NoKor Peace Summit

In a bold move, US President Donald Trump has announced the cancellation of the peace summit with North Korea in Singapore next month.

According to news reports, Trump’s decision to discontinue the talks on “denuclearization” scheduled on June 12 is due to the “tremendous anger and open hostility” displayed by the Korean Central News Agency in its statements.

NoKor Foreign Affairs Minister Choe Son-hui labeled US Vice President Mike Pence as a “political dummy” for allegedly repeating all of Trump’s previous remarks on threatening to attack NoKor leader Kim Jong-un if the latter will not submit himself to the provisions of the proposed deal.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton previously called on NoKor to turn over its weapons of mass destruction, including its nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

However, Choe said that Bolton was never actually sincere in having a diplomatic process as he could have been using the “Libya model” that was used to deprive Muammar Gaddafi of his of his nascent nuclear program in 2003.

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Choe further notes that Libya is incomparable with NoKor as the former was a fledgling nuclear pariah state with “a few items of equipment,” while the latter is a “full-fledged nuclear power, with intercontinental-range ballistic missiles and thermonuclear weapons to mount.”