PIA-2 leads 120th Independence Day celebration

TUGUEGARAO CITY, Cagayan, June 14 (PIA) – – The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) in the Cagayan Valley Region led the celebration of the 120th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence Day at the Heroes Monument here in partnership with the Tuguegarao City government. 

More than 1,000 employees from the different government line agencies and representatives from civic action groups, private sector, media and other organizations participated in the  flag raising followed by a wreath-laying at the foot of the heroes monument which was erected in honour of the Filipino soldiers who courageously fought in Luzon during the Second World War. 

According to PIA regional director Purita S. Licas, we celebrate Independence Day  not only because it is part of our history, but as a continuing realization of our nation’s story—a realization that we all share in the task of nation-building. 

“Our Independence Day celebration is not only a day of reflection but a day to pay tribute and to express our gratitude to all those who sacrificed and bore the bloodiest battles in history, and the triumphs our ancestors achieved…our freedom,” Licas said. 

“Independence Day celebration,is a day to look forward for brighter tomorrow, opportunities to take, that we may all live in a progressive country soon enough when there will be no more wars because of corruption, poverty, injustice, insensitivity to the cries of the poor, oppression of all sorts, persecution because of beliefs and political and religious ideology, absence of love for one another and many more,” Licas added. 

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“In this period of evolving technology and social media,  we have the greater means, and the deeper responsibility to contribute in finding solutions to our shared problems, instead of being a burden to our fellowmen,” Licas said.

“As heroes of modern-day society, we do not have to die as martyrs for nationalism, but we have to live for ourselves, for our countrymen, for our future generation—our children’s children, and for our nation.  Let us live with faith, justice, and bayanihan,”the regional director added. 

For his part, Tuguegarao City Vice Mayor Bienvenido De Guzman urged the public to reflect and celebrate the true meaning of the Philippine Declaration of Independence which is to remember and honor what our forefathers and heroes fought hard for to liberate the nation from tyranny, oppression and colonization. 

De Guzman added that for us to enjoy the real meaning and true essence of democracy and freedom, we must also learn the value of patriotism and selfless service for our countrymen.


PIA-2,  in partnership with the Tuguegarao City government,  leads the celebration of the 120th Philippine Independence Day at the Heroes Monument in the city.

“There is no other means to give justice to the efforts of the Filipino heroes but to share strengths, talents and skills to fellowmen towards nation building,” the vice mayor added. (ALM/OTB/PIA-2 Cagayan)  

Source: PIA Feed