Pope Francis apologizes for Vatican scandals


Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for the scandals involving the Vatican and the Holy See in the recent years.

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church has met with hundreds of Vatican employees at the Pope Paul VI Audience Hall on Monday to apologize for several untoward incidents that happened in the Church, to which they work for.

And while I am thanking you [for your service], I want to also ask your forgiveness for the scandals there have been in the Vatican,” the pope said in Italian.

The supreme pontiff also called on the attendees of the meeting to continuously pray for those who are directly involved in scandals so that such people may realize the need to mend their ways and end up on the right path.

I wish that my attitude and yours, especially in these days, be above all one of prayer: pray for the people involved in these scandals, that those who have done wrong might repent and find the right path once again,” he said.

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On January 2012, Gianluigi Nuzzi, who was a former journalist based in Rome, has published a book that contains confidential information related to corrupt practices at the Vatican, which he acquired from Church offices.

The issue, which has been dubbed by the members of the press as the “Vatileaks” scandal, has drastically escalated up to the point that the discreet investigations initiated by then Pope Benedict XVI have reached the public.

Four months after the publication of Nuzzi’s book, Benedict’s personal butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested after authorities found out that it was him who forwarded copies of confidential documents from the papal apartments to Nuzzi.