READ: President Aquino’s message for Christmas 2015


My warmest greetings to our kababayans around the world as we celebrate Christmas. Let the good tidings of our Savior’s birth move us into collectively renewing our community.

This season is an invitation for us to share in the grace of the Almighty. May we welcome this call with the readiness to impart His love and blessing to others, and to overcome the challenges that the world faces today with prayer and solidarity. Let our faith grow stronger as we work towards justice, reconciliation, and peace, and guide one another further along the straight and righteous path.

During times of unease, we stand resolute as a people and let our hopes burn the brightest. I urge every fellowman, from across the regions, to exude the generosity and warmth that make Yuletide in our country distinctively joyous: Let us reinforce the ties woven from our shared aspirations of a harmonious and progressive future for all. Upholding the tradition of bayanihan, let us lend cheer where it is needed most and come to the aid of the downcast. Together, let us exemplify the true spirit of the Filipino Christmas—harmony, optimism, and unity amidst any odds.

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