WATCH: Protestants hold Star Wars-themed service in Berlin

A Protestant Church in Germany has recently held a special service on Sunday that was themed after the latest installment of the hit Hollywood movie “Star Wars.”

The Zion Protestant Church in Berlin has tried to attract more than twice their regular attendees by incorporating an interesting theme in their service.

We were very happy to see so many people in the church today. It’s great that there are subjects that people are interested in. They trust us to make them part of the church service without making it too Christian or too Star Wars, but to find a good compromise,” Pastor Lucas Ludewig said.

The pastor has organized a service that is fully identified with the film, complete with the musicians playing the movie’s soundtrack on the church organ.

Star Wars’ picks up religious images, including Christian images and maybe some from other religions. In doing so, it shows that the Bible and the Church are part of our culture that keeps being reworked and reinterpreted,” the Church leader added.

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Ludewig said that the plan to come up with the theme came after he and a 29-year-old fellow pastor looked forward to see “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on the large screen last week.

I think the whole question of God is very interesting, but getting up early on a Sunday is one of those things. But for something like this, I’ll go,” said Zion Church member Scott McGuire, who attended the service wearing a Chewbacca costume.