Scientists mull healthy chocolate bar as medicine

Healthy Chocolate

Would you believe that the world’s most loved comfort food can now be used as medicine?

A group of American scientists has developed a prototype of a chocolate bar that is composed of pure cacao, a special herb, and only 35 percent sugar and fat; which according to them, can even increase good cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

According to The Daily Mail, Boston-based chocolate production company Kuka Xoco is working on reducing the adverse health effects of the popular comfort food, while also improving the medicinal use of the said sweet delight.

We look forward to working with the chocolate industry to make chocolate the most fun medicine,” company’s trademark holder Gregory Aharonian said; adding that chocolate sales could even increase to 200 percent if consumers will realize that such products will be good for their health.

Meanwhile, Aharonian explained that the greatest challenge that dessert producers face is the fact that cacao, which is the most dominant ingredient used in chocolates, tastes extremely bitter if not mixed with large amounts of sugar despite having a variety of minerals and antioxidants in it.

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As such, Aharonian’s team has decided to try innovating their chocolate product by lessening its sugar content, and adding an Andean herb coming from Bolivia and Peru that could decrease the bitterness of unsweetened cacao.

Dark chocolates, or those bitter chocolate products with less sugar content, have recently become popular in groceries and marketplaces worldwide for having the healthy effects cacao; but who would need to resist the mouthwatering temptation if deliciously sweet chocolates will be healthy, too?