This soldier will make you think Thor is real!

Lasse Matberg

Who would have thought that the superhero based on the Norse mythology could be real? And he’s actually part of the Norwegian Army.

Lasse Matberg, who’s definitely not swinging a hammer just like what Thor does to save the world, is a real-life hero as he is a commissioned lieutenant in the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Sporting a 6’6″ height, this military officer closely resembles Thor with his brawny built, sexually-appealing beard, and long flowing locks.He may not be wearing that tight-fitting costume with a cape, but he certainly can steal your heart away in that naval uniform.

Matberg, 30, currently has more than 260,000 followers on Instagram; totally rocking the internet with women, and even men, as the case maybe, going gaga over his photographs.

Here are some of these messages he is receiving via the social media:

  • “Will you marry me? ? I’m Girl Brazilian hahaha”
  • “I have no idea what vikings looked like but I’m pretty sure they looked like you…are there more like you up in the north? If so I should plan my vacation differently…”
  • “@emdixon look at real life Thor!”
  • “So, you were originally cast as Ragnar in Vikings and turned the role down to be a fierce, golden, beefcake god of exploding pectorals, right? Of course.”
  • “@chlobonn I’m in love with a Norwegian God”

Well, girls need not go to Asgard anymore as they can just immigrate to Norway and join the Navy to be with this real-life Thor.

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