National Teachers’ Month: Thank you, teacher!

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Think of the times you had to go to school with nothing on your bag and even on your head, and your teacher was the only one who helped you. Think of the times they had to render sleepless nights just to check your assignments, and the times they did not bother to eat, just to fulfill their pledges with humanity. Surely, the wages that they are receiving is not enough to compensate the hard works they have made, yet they are doing their best to teach and to serve the people.

In 2011, Former President Benigno Simeon Aquino III signed Proclamation No. 242 declaring September 5 to October 5 of every year as the National Teachers’ Month to commemorate the efforts of the diligent teachers and to bring back the praises due to them.

For this year, the theme is “Gurong Pilino: Kaakbay sa Progreso,” which aims to acknowledge our educators’ vital role and never ceasing support to the Filipino people as they nurture and strengthen the bonds of society through literacy. Teachers from all over the country are encouraged the festivities and to unwind themselves from the stresses given by their profession.

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Beyond doubt, teachers deserve to be shown gratitude and compassion. They have been completely drowning themselves from the weight of paranoia of “what if’s” – “What if my students learned nothing?” “What if I am not a good teacher?” “What if I have failed my duty?”. These questions have been blabbering their minds, and indeed this occasion is just one of the ways we can express our appreciation to them who we also consider as heroes of our society.

We need to bear out what we have learned from them – not only about balancing chemical equations, among others – but more importantly from what they have imparted to us with their role as our societal parents, and the best way to show that we truly care for them is by becoming a good and effective member of our society.