World’s well-known music institution trains young Candon musicians

CLASSICAL MUSICIANS. These classical musicians, who are members of the Candon Chamber Orchestra, join the “Summer Out There: Ilocos” music art training program jointly initiated by the Manila Symphony Orchestra Music Academy, Candon City government, and the office of House Deputy Speaker Eric D. Singson. The training aims to enhance the skills of the young Candon City musicians on using classical string music instruments and piano to achieve Candon City’s vision as the cultural music capital in Northern Luzon. (FGL/PIA-1)

CANDON CITY, June 8 (PIA) – Members of one of the world’s well-known music institution shared their skills in classical music using the string instruments and piano to the young Candon City musicians in a four-day summer camp here.

The event dubbed as “Summer Out There: Ilocos,” was held from May 23 to 26 through a joint initiative of the Manila Symphony Orchestra (MSO) Academy, the Candon City government, and the office of House Deputy Speaker Eric D. Singson.

Jeffrey Solares, MSOMA executive director, said he brought more than 80 young members of the Manila Symphony Junior Orchestra, the youth orchestra of the MSO, to assist him during the training of the young musicians in Candon City for the summer camp and stage performance.

He said that the music program of MSO is now on its 4th year. It was introduced in Puerto Galera in 2015; Baguio City in 2016; Tagaytay City in 2017; and Candon City in 2018.

“I’m very much thankful to the city government of Candon and to Congressman Singson for having a music education program for the youth because this is an excellent investment for the youth and nation-building; music is just a path to develop a good citizen,” said Solares.

He added, “Music is not just for applause, but music is part of the holistic education for every person.”

With the music education program of Candon City government, Solares said that it is now close to the realization of Candon City’s vision as the “cultural capital of Northern Luzon.”

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In the training of more than 100 members of the Candon Chamber Orchestra during the summer camp, Solares was joined by Noel Martin, an American musician who is currently the director of the City of Valenzuela Youth Orchestra String Program.

“We are very inspired to train the members of the Candon Chamber Orchestra with their eagerness to learn and their hard work,” Solares said.

For his part, Representative Singson of the 2nd district of Ilocos Sur said that playing the classical music is one of the distinct cultures and arts in Candon City.

“Playing the classical music is an evidence of the presence of antique string instruments and piano in every Spanish house existing in the city,” Singson said.

“We are not only preserving and conserving this music culture and arts in Candon but we sustain this musical program to bring opportunities and livelihood to the young residents not only Candon City but also to the residents in the second district of Ilocos Sur,” Singson added.

Rep. Singson expressed optimism that through the giving of constant training to the members of the Candon Chamber Orchestra, there will be a time that their homegrown music orchestra will soon compete not only locally but also on international stage. (JNPD/FGL PIA-1)

Source: PIA Feed